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Bandito 2 Tetraploid Intermediate Ryegrass


Bandito 2 Tetraploid Intermediate Ryegrass


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Product Description

Bandito 2 Tetraploid Intermediate Ryegrass: Your Livestock's Forage Solution

Introducing Bandito 2, the versatile and robust intermediate ryegrass (Lolium hybridum) designed to meet the nutritional demands of all classes of livestock. Specifically suited for young, growing animals with high nutrient requirements, Bandito 2 offers a range of advantages that make it an indispensable component of your forage strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick Establishment and Remarkable Regrowth: Bandito 2 boasts rapid establishment, ensuring your livestock have access to fresh, nutrient-rich forage in no time. Moreover, its tremendous regrowth capabilities mean a consistent supply of high-quality forage for your animals.

  • Soil Health and Erosion Control: This intermediate ryegrass's extensive root system enhances soil health by breaking up compacted soils and improving aggregate stability. Beyond providing nutritious forage, Bandito 2 contributes to soil preservation, preventing erosion and safeguarding your land.

  • Nitrogen Catch Crop: Bandito 2 doubles as a nitrogen catch crop, effectively absorbing excess nitrogen and promoting balanced soil nutrient levels. This not only benefits your livestock but also ensures your pastures remain fertile and sustainable.

  • Enhanced Organic Matter: By adding organic matter to the soil profile, Bandito 2 aids in soil enrichment, encouraging the growth of beneficial microorganisms and fostering a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

  • Perfect for Companion Planting: Bandito 2 can be used as a nurse crop alongside fall-planted legumes such as clover or peas, providing a nurturing environment for their growth and enhancing your forage diversity.

Species: Ryegrass

Lifespan: Annual

Root Structure: Rhizomes

Carbon Ratio: 25:1

pH: 5.0 – 8.0

Planting Instructions:

  • Drilled
  • Broadcast

Seeding Rate:

  • Monoculture: 30-40 lbs./acre
  • In Mixes: 2-10 lbs./acre

Planting Depth: 1/8–1/2 inch

Elevate your livestock's forage quality and enhance your pastures with Bandito 2 Tetraploid Intermediate Ryegrass. Its versatility, quick establishment, and soil-improving properties make it an invaluable asset for any livestock operation. Invest in the future of your forage and soil health with Bandito 2.

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