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Tiffany Teff Grass
Tiffany Teff Grass
Tiffany Teff Grass
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Tiffany Teff Grass is a fine-stemmed, vigorous, warm season C4 annual grass that oringinated in Africa.  It can produce high quality hay in a relatively short growing season.  Nutritive value of Tiffany Teff is comparable to Timothy, making it an excellent forage for horses and other livestock.  Palatability and animal acceptance has been reported to be very good by horse owners. It has a wide range of adaptation with excellent production under irrigation or natural rainfall (irrigation will be required in areas without necessary rainfall).  Very few disease and pest problems have been observed.  Tiffany requires a frost free growing season, so seed must be planted in the spring after the risk of frost has past.  Cut before maturity for optimal forage quality (approx. 45-50 days after planting) seed head should not be present. Leave 3-4 inch stubble height for proper regrowth.

Uses For Tiffany Teff

  • Ideal for horse hay Market
  • Good hay or pasture crop when late season plantings are required
  • Ideal for alfalfa rotations
  • Can interseed Tiffany Teff into thinning alfalfa stands to extend last year forage production
  • Excellent second crop for late spring or summer rotations
  • High tonnage crop for one year rotations
  • Can be used as a green manure cover crop or of erosion control

Tiffany Teff

Plant at coated seed at 12 pounds per acre 

For a full management guide click here.

Minumum order is 5 lbs.  For quantities over 500 lbs. please contact us by Phone at 800 253 7346 or click here for a price quote and delivery options.

Price Level:
Pounds(Qty)Price / pounds
5 - 9 pounds$4.84 per pound
10 - 24 pounds$4.34 per pound
25 - 49 pounds$3.84 per pound
50 - 250 pounds$3.44 per pound
300 - 500 pounds$3.35 per pound


Price: $4.84


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